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Demopolis Fire/Rescue Administration

James Bailey

James Bailey

Fire Chief
Dear Residents and Visitors of Demopolis,

We the members of the Demopolis Fire Rescue are committed to providing emergency preparedness and response services with the utmost care and proficiency to help protect life and property from all hazards. A proactive approach is taken by extensive training and planning. We operate under the Incident Management System when responding to all emergencies and events to ensure the safety of our members, the citizens we serve, and the public. We are highly trained professionals that respond to over 800 calls each year, that range from suppressing and extinguishing fires, handling emergency medical services, hazardous material response, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, disaster response and other types of emergencies.


In addition to emergency response the department provides a variety of community-oriented services, including public safety, education, and prevention programs. The department operates and staffs 2 fire stations strategically located throughout the city and our fire district and one on-call station that houses Special Operations equipment and the Marine unit. Resources include:


1 Truck Company, 2 Engine Company, 1 BLS Rescue (Transport Capable), 1 Fire boat, 1 Haz-Mat Unit, 1 Battalion Chief.


Additional resources include 2 reserve engines, 1 special rescue units used for special events. These Field units are supervised by the on-duty Battalion Chief.


Administration is located at Fire Station 1 and is staffed by the Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant, the Fire Inspector, and Training Officer. Working together we can validate the Demopolis Fire Rescue Vision Statement: “To advocate and sustain a leading emergency service organization with a focus on quality, cost effectiveness, and all-hazard mitigation that exceeds our customer’s expectations”.



James Bailey

Fire Chief

Shelia Rodgers

Shelia Rodgers

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant works in support Fire Rescue operations, functions, and programs. serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief and performs a full range of administrative support services for the fire rescue department.




This unit is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for public service but is closed all City holidays.  We encourage the public to call our department at (334) 289-1212 before visiting to check and confirm all reports are ready to be picked up and to make sure the proper personnel are available to process the service you are requesting.

Front counter information:

Copies of Approved Releasable Reports:


How to obtain copies of a Fire Report:

Incident Report - $30.00

How to obtain a Burn Permit?

Please call 334-289-1212 and select option 6 for Shift Supervisor on duty. The Shift Supervisor will schedule an appointment with you regarding receiving a burn permit. The following are the costs for a burn permit within the city limits of Demopolis:


Burn Permits

Residential $20.00

Commercial $30.00

Large Area & or Land Clearing (Strict Conditions) $40.00


SCBA Bottles

SCBA Bottles are refilled by the department by the following costs:

Small bottles - $3.00 

Large bottles - $5.00


SCBA Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing. A hydrostatic test is a method to validate the structural integrity and safety of a cylinder throughout its service live. The material of the SCBA cylinder (i.e., steel, aluminum, composite) dictates both the required frequency of testing and the overall service life of the cylinder.


How often do SCBA bottles need to be hydro tested?

every 3 years


How often do Carbon Fiber SCBA cylinders have to be Hydrostatic Tested?

Fully wrapped carbon fiber cylinders should be Hydrostatic tested every 3 years. They have a 15-year shelf life from date of manufacture stamped on the cylinder.


In addition, the fire department follows the attached DOT, Safety Advisory. These precautionary measures include C Determine if the fire department has any cylinders made of aluminum alloy 6351-T6. For aid in determining whether a cylinder is made of aluminum alloy 6351-T6, contact the cylinder manufacturer or distributor ; C Do not overfill a cylinder to greater than the marked service pressure; C Do not fill a cylinder that is beyond its required retest date; C Do not use a cylinder that is beyond its required retest date; C By May 1997, the interior of any cylinder made of aluminum alloy 6351-T6 should be inspected for cracks in the neck and shoulder area. Any evidence of a crack or crack-like defect may require further evaluation.


The Fire Department reserved the right to denial refilling any SCBA bottle that deemed unsafe or hazardous.



General oversight for providing financial, budgeting, and general accounting support including payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, establishing billing rates to provide cost recovery for services, financial forecasting, and fund balance monitoring.